San Churros – Leederville

“San Churro

liberates Chocolate

from the aristocracy

and gives to one and all

Chocolate is now for the people.

Is whats written on the wall behind us where we sat down, and i thought “I knew it! San Churro is not a cafe. This place is originally a sacred place for churro worshippers!” I mean look at all these people queueing up for some fried doughnut sticks waiting to be dunked in the pool of , dark, milk, white chocolate, and the ever so sinfull dulche de leche.

I am one of them.

I cant help it, everytime we finished our dinner, miss sweet tooth kicks in, and the one place she wants to go for dessert is SAN CHURROS. She will start strangling some poor souls to help her satisfy her craving. This time we went to their Leederville branch.

Their icon, Mr. San Churro

The system here is, there is no system. No one is going to greet you or find you some seats. If you are going to dine in, you’ll have to look for a table first and you can then join the queue to order.

Making a quick trip to order is a hard one, as they purposely showcase all these truffles, little bits of sweet condiments here n there and also the amazing Rochelle Adonis window dessert selection right next to where you’ll be queueing.

TOUGH, but i came here for their churros and im sticking to it. *gulp*.

Truffles. Baby, i wished there was no glass barrier between us.

An array of Rochelle Adonis desserts. VERY TEMPTING.

Their Malt Balls (Y’know just like Maltesers)

Finally, my attention was focused on their menu. As if those dessert displays were not tempting enough, they have other awesome desserts being offered on the menu such as fondue for two with all sorts of heavenly dipping tools (churros,brownies, pretzels, bananas, strawberries, marshmallows, POPCORN), Strawberry Bizcocho (my Bro’s favourite!),  Black Forrest Trifle, Mocha & Pear Pudding, and other seasonal items such as cold ‘hot’ chocolate and deep fried chocolate, yes you read it right, they deep fry their chocolate!

We ordered churros for two and banana lambada shake and waited patiently while drooling at our neighbour’s churros feast.

Churros freshly fried to order

Love the orange & chocolate decor mix up.

(Churros for two with milk chocolate & dulche de leche $13.95)

Ouw yeah baby, dip, dip, dip it good…

Uh huh, we lick our melted chocolate just like in the movies. In slow motion.

(Banana Lambada – milk chocolate, vanilla ice cream, banana $7.50)

San Churro’s churros is always spot on. Freshly fried to order, nicely crisp with spikey edges, not greasy and no cinnamon powder at sight. Just plain, slightly salty to balance all the crazy sweetness from the dipping sauces. We expected our sauce pots to be filled to the top like how the serve it at Fremantle branch though. Usually there would be leftover sauces, but they gave us so little this time that we had to scrape the pots dry with our poor lonely churros.

Banana Lambada Shake was good, i was expecting it to be thickshake heavy but it wasnt at all. It was very light and complemented  our hot churros beautifully. I was quite dissapointed however, as i couldnt taste any banana at all. If i didnt know it I would think that it was just a normal blended iced chocolate.

Dear churro god, let there be miracle and fill our pots with more sauces.

Amen. Now about that sauces?

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The Verdict:  Nice place to hangout, fast service, slightly overpriced for fried doughnuts (churros for 2 & a shake = $21.45!!), could have a better exhaust system (my cardigan & hair smelled like frying oil after). Recommended for sweet toothers.

Q:  What do you think about the price? expensive? reasonable? Would be interesting to know 🙂


San Churros Chocolateria

Shop 2, 150 Oxford St
Leederville, 6007

(08) 9443 2283

Chocolateria San Churro on Urbanspoon

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